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Tonight we used a gift certificate that the kids gave us to a nice restaurant down in Stamford, where Fred lives. It was very good food, but not as good as the other restaurant we've been to down there. The other place is quieter, and the waiters make you feel like royalty. Once in a while that sort of thing is nice. Getting on the highway to come home we noticed a car in front of us that looked just like Fred's. Sure enough, it was him, with his new girlfriend. They were right in front of us all the way, and when we got in a traffic slow down we opened up the sun roofs on both cars and waved at each other. Not sure what Eliza thought of that! Fred says she has a good sense of humor. Got home, got to meet her, very nice! Now the four of them (Jenn and Mike as well) are at the Chowder Pot for supper. Jealous, Anneli?!
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