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Default Re: 5: 29 June 2009 - Caves

Originally Posted by Farclas View Post
Kath - There's a lot of detail in there; it's an empirical observation, but some photo sites do seem to compress shadows and highlights.

I opened your image in Photoshop and went into Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlight - this is what appeared before I'd even touched a slider . . .

There is a strange blue cast on the rocks at the cave entrance. Was that in the original?

Ooh, I like what you did with it!

I'd not had a chance to play with this one at all (time's at a premium right now) - just copied from an early upload. As for the colour, there's a lot of slate and barnacles in the area, and the rocks were still very wet - this part of the beach is usually underwater except at the very bottom of low water, and there's always a lot of run-off as well, so there's likely to be a fair bit of reflection of the sky. Hard to see with the eye, as what isn't dark is just glaringly bright with reflected light, but I guess it'd look blue if you could tone down the number of photons!

Hah. Now you can see my parents in the cave as well!
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