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Default Re: 5: 29 June 2009 - Caves

The closest pictures I have to the theme of caves are the ones I took in Antelope Canyon in Arizona, back in October 2008. (Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon formed where water has punched through a rocky outcrop - a ~3-10 foot wide space hemmed in by 60 foot high vertical walls. The canyon walls are carved by the eddies in the turbulent water.) I went on a photographic tour, but the inside of the canyon was so crowded with tour groups it turned out to be a rather frustrating experience: people were nudging my tripod or walking in front of the camera while the shutter was still open. I did eventually come away with some interesting photographs (mainly taken once I put aside the tripod, cranked up the sensitivity and decided to hand hold the 1-5 second exposures). The collection includes this picture showing all the photographers crowding to get a good picture :
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