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Default Bernard Pearson unique 'Ramoth' dragon - FOR SALE

hi, I have just joined your forum (at the advice of Hans van der Boom) to let you know I intend to sell our Dreams of Dragons 'Ramoth' figure made by Bernard Pearson and only in very small numbers.

Mine is different though. When we visited the shop (I used to do freelance work for Bernard) my son (who has the other pieces in the range and recognised it) saw an unpainted Ramoth dragon in the pottery workshop and asked Bernard if he had ever painted one green as a male and with red eyes because he thought the crystal-type eyes actually cheapened the overall look of the sculpture, and at the time Bernard just laughed it off.

Anyway, later when we visited, Bernard had the dragon on display, painted green with red eyes and it really looked the part, and with my son there again I couldn't just ignore it... It was handed over in part payment for the work I had done, and my son has had it ever since. According to Bernard at the time, this was the last cast ever to be taken from the moulds.

We were therefore very impressed when the 'Dragon's Fire' book's cover, released shortly after, showed a red-eyed, green dragon...

So I realise that to the purist it is not a completely 'correct' example of Ramoth the Dragon BUT it is unique. Of course if you already have the gold one it would make a lovely companion piece.

Rather than just put him straight on eBay I thought it best to mention it here first and if anyone would like to make us a realistic offer, in these peculiar times, we would be pleased to consider it.

If you'd like pictures or have any questions please email me at lovestamps@btinternet. com (take out the space after the dot) - I don't want to permanently put pictures on the forum.



If he doesn't sell then we are quite happy to keep him a little longer :-)

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