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Default Re: All At Once - Pern fanfic

Meanwhile, the guards had gone about carrying out Ly's orders, breaking the raiders into groups of five or six each. They would keep a few runners back for Ly and Tsi, and someone would have to ride with Norolan.

Norolan was thankful that they would wait until after he was a little stronger. He glanced again at Rashid, and smiled. "Will you let me know when you have a few in order?"

He wasn't looking forward to the ride home, but Norolan was looking forward just to going home. The sooner he was in the comfort of his Hold, with his family and more importantly, his wife, he'd feel much better.

He glanced at Tsigana as the last minute preparations were being tended to. "Can you send a note ahead so they know we are coming, and to have healers ready to see to Rashid and myself?"

"Of course," Ly answered, moving to help Tsi care for Rashid's cuts and making sure she cleaned herself up as best she could as well. Hearing Norolan's question, he replied before his wife could. "Right. If I can find a peice of hide..."

Ly got up and hunted around until he found something useful and a pen, strapping the message to Bubba's leg and sending it to Akhenaten. The brown was to find Libby. Ly had just requested healers in general and for a harper to be present to help record the injuries. He hadn't specified who was hurt, saying only that Norolan and Rashid were both alive.

Tsi, looking up when Norolan spoke, let Ly answer the question for her, her mind troubled by the events. She knew that they would have to do something about this, but some part of her want to just go into a corner and lick her wounds in private- no matter that they had 'won', so to speak.

With her tunic and jacket torn, and covered with Ly's jacket, the Lady looked a right mess- especially with the blood stains. At least she felt somewhat cleaner. Rashid, however, was another matter. He didn't want anyone touching him too much, and when Tsi gently suggested he took off his tunic to better tend to his wounds, the boy vehemently refused, shaking his head. Tsi, glancing at Ly, decided that Rash could wait until they got to Akhenaten, and then he would have to strip for the healers- whether he wanted to or not.

At Akhenaten, Libera, who had informed the healers to expect a party of wounded coming in, was startled when Bubba appeared, with a note tied to his leg.

Quickly untying the message, the young woman scanned it, and whooped, getting a little bit of tittering and one startled gasp from the people around her.

"Right. Now, to your posts, and I'll get Mitchall. He'll want to be in on this.." Libby decided, dismissing the healers with a smile and a nod.

Spotting her mother-in-law, Libby smiled, handing her the note. "At least they're alive," she said quietly, feeling some of the tension she had been under ease away with those four words. "I'm on my way to get Mitchall. Think Dad's got something up his sleeve," she added, a slight crease between her brows.
When Bubba reminded her that he wanted a snack, Libby snorted at him, reaching into her pocket for a grape. "No meatrolls on me, I'm afraid, so you'll have to make do with a grape."

She scrawled a quick note for her father, tying it to the brown's leg, before sending him back to Lysandre. The note said simply that everything would be in place when they arrived.

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