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Default Re: All At Once - Pern fanfic

(Sorry if things get a little confusing from here on out. There's a lot of overlapping and things happening at the same time. I've tried to shift things around so it makes a bit more sense for those not used to round-robin role-play.)
Rashid, sensing the rough, yet gentle hands on him, whimpered, opening one dark blue eye, fastening it on the guard. Recognizing him from Skybroom, the boy relaxed, closing his eye, a few tears leaking from beneath his lids, wondering where his parents were. He knew his mother was somewhere- unless he dreamt he had heard her voice. And his father had evidently left, hopefully in search of his mother.

Sassy, flying ahead of Bubba, flew into one of the caves, flying back out when she found that it was filled with dead people. Hissing, she streaked to one of the further caves, hearing sounds of a struggle, and flitted in, screeching at the people there, before dive-bombing right onto an unsuspecting raider, tearing away parts of his hair and skin.

"It's all right, lad, you're safe now," the guard said as gently as if he were comforting one of his own children. He hated to see children hurt, and actually liked Rashid despite his pranks. "We'll see you're taken care of, and brought home very soon. Now I'm going to pick you up. Just let me know if I hurt you."

Trying not to jostle him too much, the guard slid his arms under Rashid's back and knees, slowly rising with tbe boy cradled in his arms. With his fellows leading the way, he carried Rashid back to the main cavern and laid him beside Norolan.
Rashid, smiling slightly at the guard's comforting words, nodded. He knew that he was in good hands. "All right," he said, before Keniel stood up, with the boy in his arms. Inhaling sharply, Rash winced, both at the slight jar and the fact that it hurt to breathe.

Once he was placed back on the ground, the boy turned his head slowly, looking at Norolan, blue eyes shadowed with mingled worry and guilt. Although he knew that he couldn't possibly have known that this would have happened, he felt badly about all that had happened.
When he heard a slight grunt and a bit of a scuffle, he turned his head towards the source, and stiffened at the sight of Balin, his face a sullen mask.

The other two guards dragged Balin along between them, not bothering to lift him over rough patches. They left the other raider's body behind for a seperate detail to collect along with the other dead.

Sneering at Rashid, Balin spat, getting a swift punch in the kidneys from one of the guards, before the man crashed to the ground, recieving another punch and kick.

Shrinking from his uncle, the boy looked at the guards, wondering when his parents would show. He heard a familiar squawk, and smiled when Sassy landed gingerly on his chest, nudging her head against his cheek in an unusually affectionate manner.
Letting the green remain on him, the boy waited with patience for his parents to show, hoping that they didn't get hurt in the fighting.

The guards who had brought Balin in decided that he would be less of a threat on the far side of the cave from Rashid. This position was also out of reach of most of the fire's warmth, though glows provided adequate light. They dropped the man carelessly on his face, then one nudged him onto his side with a toe. "Can't have you bleed to death on us before you're properly punished," he said.

When the guard captains were confident everyone had returned, they did a head count to see who was missing.

Balin, groaning at his rough treatment, glared balefully at the guards, face puckered up like a prune, only with less wrinkles, but he was just as sour.

He curled his upper lip, sneering. He would certainly get his own back- just let those damned guards wait and see! And Tsigana... She would, too, if Volen didn't by this time.

Hearing footfalls, he shifted his eyes to the side, eyeing Volen as he was dragged in, a large, crimson blotch on his trousers.
Following the man- or eunuch- was Ly, holding Tsi against his side.

A smirk forming on his face, Balin ignored the fact that his nose was broken, dripping blood down his face, and bared his teeth, startlingly white in a gory mask of blood.

"Well, seems someone's not quite so pure now," he sneered, getting a cold glare from Ly, Tsigana more interested in her son and Norolan.

Volen was in too much pain to do any sort of arguing. Everything hurt, from his head right down to the tips of his smelly feet.

He felt Balin watching him and his head moved, just enough, to eye the man. He was not going to back down from the raider leader quite yet -- he was still aligned to Balin, and had ever more reason to support him now.
One of the guards, overhearing Balin's comment, decided to teach the man a lesson. He smacked him on the head once, then again at Balin's curse, using enough force to knock him out. Volen was dumped unceremoniously not far from Balin, so that they lay face to heel.
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