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Default Re: All At Once - Pern fanfic

(From here on out, several things are happening simultaneously. I've tried to untangle them, so I apologize if there's any confusion. Also, several paragraphs have been moved up from this section to post 10, where they should make more sense.)

Bubba returned with Nessila’s message and landed on Ly's lap. Ly took the message and opened it, holding it where Tsi could see as well. "Gaheris is her son...not sure if I'm surprised or not."
Scanning the note, she snorted, shaking her head. "Somehow, I'm not. Makes sense, considering Balin. Seems all the annoying folks clump together. So what do you think? We'll have to send Libby back to Akhenaten. And we'll have to find a way to get the boys out. Any ideas?" she asked, wishing that all this was over and done with.

Sassy, sensing her person's mood, chirruped and rubbed her head against Tsi's hand, getting an idle caress.
Ly nodded. "Point. And I think the sooner we act, the better. If we can find out where Balin and Gaheris are hiding, and surround them before they have a chance to get away...our guards are going to be stretched thin." Ly frowned, thinking. "I still don't want to risk you paying that ridiculous ransom. But if it'll keep him distracted while the guards go in..."

Pressing her lips together, the Lady drew her brows into a slight frown, blue eyes thoughtful. "Yes, definitely... But if you're worried about our guards being stretched too thin, why not call to Akhenaten for some of their guards? Would give us more strength in numbers," she suggested.

Reaching for her husband's hand, she turned it over, thinking on what to say to that, studying his palm, before she looked up. "I know it's a risk for me to be the one paying that ransom, but he did ask, and I know he has no qualms about hurting or killing Rash outright if I'm not there. Then again, if he decides to have me killed as a price, I'll risk that, too. Our son's more important than my life, though I know you won't agree with me there. I was thinking over the lines of his note, and I have a feeling that what Balin really wants is me in exchange for Rash. If killing me is enough to get Rash back, then I won't have any regrets- save that our time together was too short," she ended, blinking back sudden tears.

Momentarily speechless, he expressed his feelings by enfolding Tsi in a hug, holding her tightly. "Losing you would also mean losing the baby," he said. "No, there has to be another way. We surprise Balin or something. Send Kiyia. Or go to the meeting and keep him busy long enough for the guards to attack." Ly didn't like any of his options, but he wanted to avoid losing a member of his family by any means possible.

Snuggling against her husband, Tsi turned her face, burying it against his chest. "I know... But I'm trying to think of how this could be resolved. Unless I just go in with a hidden weapon and then kill Balin. If I do that, I'll likely wind up dead courtesy of his men."
He held Tsi close, his mouth in a thin, hard line as he considered their options. Under other circumstances, he would have been amused by her phrasing of the last statement, as if Balin's men were an infection. Well, Balin was a disease that needed to be excised anyway... "True. Think you'd better take both flits with you. Could send in some guards while you're talking to Balin, so that'd keep his men busy. Hopefully, you'll be able to defend yourself long enough for help to come if necessary."

"Both flits? All right, won't argue with you there. They'd come in handy that way, though I hope Sassy doesn't decide to just pelt grapes on people," she remarked, referring to the green's habit of dropping grapes and other bits of fruits on unsuspecting peoples' heads. She nodded at the idea of some of the guards going in while she distracted Balin. That could work, unless Balin had something up his sleeve, and knowing her despicable brother, he would.

He snorted. "Point. But Sassy'd have to get the grapes first. And I seriously doubt they're going to be laying around."

"Mmm... Unless she kept betweening to the kitchen to renew her arsenal of grapes, but I don't think she'll do that- not enough time. And besides, grapes would only go so far," Tsi said, shaking her head.
"She could always use rocks instead of grapes," Ly suggested in an effort at humor. "I can see it now, an army of flits dropping small sacks of rocks on people...Only it'd probably get out of hand with rocks hitting the wrong people."

Well-able to image an army of flits creating chaos by dropping small rocks on people, Tsi chuckled, shaking her head. "That'll be the day..." she remarked
Drawing her brows together, the Lady nodded, a tear leaking from one of her eyes, seeking comfort from Ly.
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