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Default Re: All At Once - Pern fanfic

Gaheris pulled Norolan deeper into the caves, ignoring his brother's weak attempts to break free of the tight hold he had on him.

And when he finally stopped, he let Norolan drop to the ground like a stone. The cave they were in was dimly lit with some glows growing on the wall, which was just enough for Gaheris to see where Norolan was trying to crawl off to.

"Don't think so, brother!" Gaheris kicked Norolan into the side, right where his half-healed knife wounds rested. Norolan moaned and rolled over, coughing, and Gaheris half-suspected his brother had almost vomited. All the better -- chances are he would have choked and Gaheris would have let him.

But he also wanted to hear his brother cry out as he did want he wanted to. So he reached for the cloth around his mouth, and pulled it down around his neck. Norolan immediately spat at Gaheris, and the man slapped him across the cheek.

"That's the only chance you have, brother."

"You won't get away with this Gaheris. Let me go, and I'll beat th.."

"You'll do what?" Gaheris lifted a brow and made a fist. Immediately, he punched Norolan in his now bleeding side, and let his fist push into the broken flesh, twisting it until Norolan cried out in pain.

"Son of a bitch.." Norolan wheezed in between choked sobs. "You won't get away with this."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard that story before." Gaheris sneered. He pinned Norolan down onto his stomach, and dug his knee into the man's lower back.

Norolan bit on his lip and tried to keep from crying out again. He felt tears in his eyes, but wasn't able to keep those from sliding down his face.

"Crying are we? Aww, how precious." Gaheris wasn't letting up, and put even more wait into his leg. "You always were Mother's favorite. Even that son of a bitch M'spin got more respect than I did, and he wasn't even her child!" The more he spoke, the angrier he got.

Norolan tried to use himself to propel Gaheris off of him, but he was too strong and Norolan received nothing but a sharp blow to his head. He blacked out soon after, and went limp.

Gaheris didn't seem to notice. He soon started to beat on his brother, breaking ribs, bruising and breaking skin in the process. It wasn't long before his anger and frustration were spent.

But Gaheris was far from finished. He stood up and left for a moment in search of something. During that time, Norolan started to come too again. He moaned, and rolled onto his back. Breathing hurt almost as much as moving did. He groaned and let his head fall to the side. Closing his eyes, Norolan tried to bring up Libby's image, hoping it would become a reality. And what of Rashid? He tried to sit himself up, he had to make sure
Rashid was okay.

But it was useless. When he finally managed to sit himself up, he pulled open his wounds again, and Gaheris returned holding a container of something.

Norolan tried to get away, but it was useless. His futile attempt lead only to harsher treatment from his brother.

Gaheris brought Norolan back to the floor of the cave with a hard kick, hearing something else crack. Norolan cried out again, and Gaheris couldn't believe such a sissy was Holder of Akhenaten. He was much stronger than the younger, why hadn't he been given the Hold?

His face growing dark once more, he kneeled down and reached into the pot at his side. "This'll hurt you way more than it'll hurt me. In fact, your the only one who's going to feel a thing.." He brought the handful of salt to Norolan's side, and rubbed it in as hard as he could, smiling when his brother started to cry and finally whimper.

When he was finished, Norolan had been thoroughly rubbed in salt, and he was burning in pain.

"All gone. Shame, that was fun brother." He patted Norolan's shoulder, and he pulled away, shaking as the fire raced over his body.

Gaheris stood and left, leaving Norolan in a whimpering heap.

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