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That's great news about the dogs. Michelle! I hop they will be happy in their new home.

When attending the World Science Fiction Convention Dublin2019 in Dublin, Ireland, last week, I finally had the chance to doa 'pilgrimage' and visit Anne's grave together with her daughter, my wife and two dear friends. Just when we arrived, the sky started to cry and some gentle rain started to fall. What was even more appropriate (and Irish) was that, when we arrived at her final resting place and started reminiscing, talking about the great memories we have of her, a rainbow appeared at exactly the right spot...
I never visit graves, not even of relatives. I'm just not that kind of guy. But since she is not a relative and I only attended her birthday (April 2011) in the year she died (November) 2011, I can now close this chapter. Thank you Anne. You will be forever in my heart and especially remembered by the many, many friendships I made with people all over the world because you came into my life.
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