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Default Re: What is happening

Originally Posted by mawra View Post
This is the only place no one else in family is on. Which is why I'm posting. I don't really have any R.L. friends to
talk to.
I've said it before I'm sure, but we're here for to, rant at, ramble utter nonsense any day of the day or night, we're here to listen!

Have been struggling for energy last couple of days so not been up to much. My daily driver, the Citroen has been starting to show some signs of stress in the last week or two...which given I've barely touched the thing in two years isn't in any way unexpected or begrudged. Nothing dire, but the hollow clonk from the offside front suspension (inevitably the "P" bush that would be the drop link on a conventionally sprung car). I've had a thorough poke around and there's nothing moving that has to be worried about... it's annoying rather than a problem. I've got every bush involved in the suspension in stock, so I will probably throw it at my trusted garage at some point soon with the simple instruction of "stop it fluffing clonking before it drives me mad." To be honest if it wasn't so quiet it wouldn't be anything like as noticeable. The downside of a really quiet car...any abnormal noise is painfully obvious! The other noise turned up obvious metallic clonk from the rear end when the engine stops. That will be the rear exhaust silencer having sheared off at the joint over the back axle then. It looked like it had been dredged off the Titanic when I got it, so no huge surprise. The rear silencer doesn't really do anything by way of silencing on a TCT engined Xantia so the rattle is usually the only clue you get when it fails.

I'll have a poke at it when I can next find five minutes. If it is indeed failing there it will be time to get a stainless system made for it I think. No it doesn't really make sense for a 26 year old Citroen with negligible value, but let's face it...conventional logic doesn't really come into it with this thing. It's expensive to insure, expensive to tax, drinks fuel like it's going out of fashion and it's an utter pig to work on. Yet I like it, so I keep putting up with it.

The Invacar has had the new PCV hardware fitted now.

Not expecting this to make any particular difference to the running of the engine, but will be nice to know it's working as the designer intended. Having completed a few decent runs now the moisture issue I used to have has been resolved judging from the state of the inside of the vapour separator.

This used to be full of mayo as you'd expect from a water cooled engine with a stuffed head gasket. Taken a while, but a few good runs has boiled the moisture off.

I'd quite like to pull the whole assembly off to give it a good scrub down internally...however apparently it's almost unheard of for the join between the oil filler and the crankcase to be oil tight on these given that mine is totally leak free I think I'm just going to leave it well alone and not tempt fate!
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