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Default Re: Candids photoset

Professional? Nah. Slightly less than semi-pro (weddings and funeral parties at reasonable rates. Hah!). The equipment is beginning to pay for itself, but probably two years from break-even. But, goodness, I enjoy doing it. I carry a camera everywhere, all day, every day. And have since 1977. Somebody said - "Best camera? It's the one you have with you".

As for Waverly:
It's the white crushed marble floors that are the delight. It reflects light well and therefore removes shadow. And on a sunny day, through the glass canopy above, you can get a real radiance.

Picture 1 was an experiment in 'bokeh' - getting a nice pastel-blurred background. I seriously thought of cropping it just for the girl - she really was quite pretty. And the light was great. The Meeting Point had attracted a delegation of many nationalities. I grabbed the shot; it shows!
Picture 2 and I was undecided, too. My instinct was to crop tight on the two men - but I also wanted to give context. I think it'd go either way.
Picture 3 was a lady clearly in fear that she'd already missed her train. There was a vexed, worried look about her walk that first attracted my attention. It would have been better in portrait (upright), and got her feet, but again a grabbed shot.
Picture 4 was clearly a banker (you know, back in the days when they were Masters of the Universe! ). He was so self-assured (I think that's how you'd phrase it). It's the silly sprig of hair on his head that deflates it. Again, shot wide open as an experiment in bokeh. He's in the waiting hall which is not so kindly lit.
Picture 5 was an example of grabbing the moment. I was leaning against a wall and swinging the lens across the concourse. She just snapped into view and - Pop! The rim lighting effect is a bonus, though the background spoils her lower lip and chin. Maybe I'll Photoshop some blur in there.
PS - It helps that she's also my daughter, so thank you for the kind words!

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