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Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
Oh I LOVE the new appartment...the building has such lovely character and charm. Sooo when does your fur buddy get his lovely cone off...wink!! :
LOL Firstly, he is a she called Cassandra LOL Secondly, she has it off for meals and walks and that's about it. Unfortunately she suffers from a serious skin allergy and without the hood she nibbles and gnaws her feet, legs, knees, thighs, wherever she can reach until she is a bloody mess. She is on medication for it, and has been round the houses with testing and therapies, both mainstream and alternative, dietary and chemical, and she is as good now as she is ever going to get. Which is unfortunate, but necessary.

And the flat does, indeed, have a lot of charm!! It's one of the reasons that we decided on this one! Plus is was a lot cheaper than others of a similar size.

Is that interesting window plastered over? The fireplace is beautiful. Do you have any kind of yard for your dog? I hope that you will always be overwhelmingly happy here. Here's a toast to your new home
Plastered over? No. The view from that hall window that you see is the back of the building across the courtyard (you can see it in the courtyard pics too). The fireplaces are beautiful! There is another one in the master bedroom which isn't shown in the pic. Due to the landlord's insurance, we aren't able to use the fires, but that's ok - we can just look! LOL

No, the only yard that we have is the courtyard. On one side of the house is the street, then the other is the courtyard itself with buildings and then a small alley the other side of them. If that makes sense! LOL

However, there are plenty of places around here that she is walked in! Saying that, the lack of a private garden (plus the lack of designated off-street parking) is making us think that, come January when our lease is up, we might move on. But it all still depends on my surgery and things!

Thank you very much for your toast and warm thoughts!!

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
That pictures merits being in the new photography forum, Gidget

Will look at the others tonight at my leisure; thanks for the thread.
Thank you very much, Hans! I appreciate that! (I also had no idea that we had a photography forum here! Shall investigate in a moment ....!)
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