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Default Re: RANT ALERT: A Letter to the Nations

NOTE: This is an editorial piece that I've posted in both online news publications as well as real world news papers after the events in Jonesboro took place. From time to time I republish it because I feel that people become complacent and apathetic to things after a few months pass. It saddens me that people can become so stagnant in their own lives.

I am not passing blame to others, I am simply trying to raise awareness to something that people unerringly seem to like to forget.

People sometimes think that I am spreading negativity, and that is not true. I am blunt, I am painfully honest, and people do not like to view their world in such stark reality.

We must strive to rework negative events, into positive learning experiences, otherwise our evolution as intelligent beings will falter, and the few beautiful things left in this world will decay, leaving only a vestige of what it once could have been.

The world cannot forget its mistakes. History proves that they will be repeated.

So, if the things in my rant above offend you, or seem too harsh; Then I have done my job, I have gotten your attention and made you aware.

Peace and Love,

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