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Default RANT ALERT: A Letter to the Nations

A Letter to the Nations:

We have failed. As a society, as communities, as families, as wives, husbands, sons &
daughters. We have failed in our own humanity. This is the reason for the state of the world
you see before you.

"What's wrong with the world?" you ask. That question is unfortunately asked by many people,
and is proof of the narrow-viewed, self-minded individuals that are living in this world that
we have created. The world of hate and burning ire that spreads and corrupts the minds of those
too weak willed and too shallow to look at anything but the "illusions" of a "great" world,
country, city, etc... Those who see through the eyes of greed and self-fulfillment before all
else, and there are countries full of them. WE have failed as a race to share this world in
cooperation with each other, in harmony with the nature of our home, this Earth.

"It's not my fault, I'm only one person. I have my own problems, I can't save the world." you
say. It IS your fault. You ARE to blame for the general condition of this world that sustains
you. You who indulge in daily self-deceptions to convince yourself that you are happy with
your life. You who lie and trick yourself into thinking that "everything will be alright" as
long as I don't get involved. So you stand by and watch as wars are waged, knowing that you are
the one responsible for relinquishing your power of choice to someone in government office who
will "make the right decisions" for you. You stand by as those around you die. Day after day,
you watch the stories unfold on the news, seeing the death and continual decay of our world, yet
you still manage to face yourself in the mirror every morning as you begin another day in the'
"great" world that we live in.

As you go to your work place, or as you maintain your home, you live in constant denial of the
cancer that has riddled our planet with tumors of social malignancy. You send your children to
institutions of "learning" where they are taught daily the lessons they need to know in order to
survive in the world that WE have created. A world where clothes and money mean more than the
power of knowledge. A world where the colour of your skin, or the way you believe defines your
social standing. You foster them out to the "trained" professionals who teach them a slanted
version of history dependent upon where you live. A history rich with the seeds of hate that
has been the foundation of our "civilization."

Commentary on Violence and Hate: The New Warzone ---School

Gentlemen, your words are like so much dust scattered to the winds,
set loose but never going in any specific direction. After any
"tragedy" of this nature everyone comes out of their self-imposed
apathetic lethargy spouting off politically correct-societal dogma,
with the proper amount of "outrage" for the "unthinkable" crimes that
were committed against "innocent" people. You "TALK" about the "whys",
"hows", and "whos", with a little nod towards the "should haves" and
when that's done, and you feel like you've said your piece, you fold
up your newspapers, or turn off your monitors and go back to living
your lives, until the next "tragedy" happens, and it starts all over

My question is, does anyone ever actually "DO" anything but "discuss"
the "issue"? Words are useless jumbles of alphabetic jibberish unless
there is the promise of action behind them. We can talk about the
reasons, we can rationalize about the "tragic" outcome, and comfort
ourselves thinking that "someone" will do something to make sure
"something like this" doesn't happen again. And while everyone is
sitting there, secure in the fact that they've "commiserated" with
others over the tragic loss of life; they neglect to think about
the next door neighbor's 5 year old son who is at that very moment
thinking about how great it's going to be to take his uncle's 9
milimeter to show-and-tell...and they're not thinking about the boy
across the street who's in the hospital now because he was beat to
within an inch of his life for being "different".... or the girl down
the street who is contemplating suicide because she can't live with
the ridicule of being an "overweight" girl in a "supermodel society"
.... and they certainly aren't thinking about their son's best friend,
who is right now just walking out of the local "Gas-N-Sip" with the
contents of the cash register stuffed into the pockets of his coat,
while the clerk lay bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest...

No, they aren't thinking about any of those things...their foremost
thought as they sit back in their reclining chairs, watching the
10th replay of the "horrifying" incident in "Anytown, USA" is:

"Gee, I'm really glad things like that don't happen around here."

Hate loves the "blind eyes" of society, because it's been cultivated
and grows wild in the fields of this world by the apathy that has been
laid as the foundation of our "civilization". People have given HATE
the sustinence and nourishment it needs by seeing only what they want
to see.

In the persuit of "life, liberty, and happiness", they continue to
perpetuate the illusion.

- Maximillian
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