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Default Re: Crystal Singer Question

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
I recall that Lars was hired by Optheria (not the Heptite guild) to injure her, to prove the rumored fast-healing possessed by crystal singers (and thereby prove her to be a true singer as well). It wouldn't make sense for him to have been hired to kill her, because they needed her to repair their organ before the big festival. Which is why Lars then kidnapped her for political reasons to delay the fixing of the organ.

The Heptite Guild has never wanted her dead, singers are too rare and valuable to them!
That is right, his 'original' work, was lovely to his folks in the Islands, not on the Mainland,

Also the organ 'was' the insterment that was their, His sound ed good on a 22 string, insterment, I think or something like that,,

His group was trieing to stop the 'brainwashing' along with the senserary program. even with a smaller one, which , they where abel to fix so it sstop, on the main one, but left the main other and the broken crystals were used to help get passed the gard that tested for a tttrace mineral that a BB ship was not able to used. I am just saying, that Lar's folks in the group used the broken ones to good useto help change their 'wanted to stay their, and help out. which was KKher second job from the FSP just saying mmy mind is adding odds and ends, and I hope to be able to listen /read more soon, working on ggetting a differnt reader/player to listen to more.
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