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Originally Posted by Jedi Senshi View Post
I am wondering what Grimalkin looks like before he is frozen into Khiindi. I can find no art or drawings that depict him in either his biped or shapeshifted form. I'm very bad at visualizing his description as written it the books Acorna's Search, Acorna's Rebels, Acorna's Triumph & Acorna's Children: Third Watch.

Can anyone help me, please.
I onnly have hard copy of the AcoraAcorna's Children: Third Wattch, and the other of the spet, USA editation, I just go back on line, I found all the time jumping hard to follow, I don't have a audio ccopies ofthe books, the orginal is in the libiary, I can't see anyh more. , but wasn't there a index in the back telling someing about the folks, I know that image discripition, has got on, but If someone ewants the hardcopyies I have arond here some weree, or I could have help me look them up for sometime. 'Whising I had OpenBook" a scanner, text read for hard copy that I ust in the past at NTc. If someone could give me were in th books maybe some else can hlep find what he look like. I haven't read the books, in a long time. I recall talking with Eann once about some on the oder of how the speaking in the orginal books, years aago, don't know if I can find that or not.. Like I said I am 'pop' up in old ones, trying to see what is gong on. If you wnt PM me here I can see what I can see what I can dfoi to help. Zen Hugs
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