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In themselves great shots, Cheryl although it clearly shows you don't like cropping and non-oblong pictures indeed while some would be better when cropped that way.

The first shot I don't like much, it's got a weird depth of field and I don't like the cropping, sorry. Maybe a closeup/crop of the centered group might be something.

The peacock is nice but surrounded by far too much "clutter" which is too divers to work putting the emphasis on the animal. You are right about the spots. I understand you can't do anything about them and photoshopping them away would be a major task.

The first bee shot is a super photo! But the first thing I thought was: where is the colour. Looking at the plant this can't be your fault but with a fantastic shot like this it's a pity you had to catch a drab coloured bee!

Definitely more colour in the next great bee shot, you;re so good at these! I just can't decide over the cropping, whteher your choice is right or more square would be better. I think, after much deliberation, that would have cropped bottom and top and only leave one orange blob at the top.

Now in the last picture you are right about the blur but maybe you could have added that with Elements. You deserve extra points for thinking of the tripod! I always forget or don't bother. Another thing this picture definitely need is more luminance and colour. The smoke worked against you there but I am sure that can be adjusted with post processing. It's a very good shot and composition and does deserve more loving after care

Great photo's of which I like bumblebee II best although I came very, very close.
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