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Lightbulb Dragonchoice 3 - coming soon (ish)

I can't really prefix this with 'Fan fiction' because it's not done yet - BUT I just want to say that Dragonchoice 3, which is the third (AND ABSOLUTELY FINAL) story in the Dragonchoice trilogy, is getting fairly close to being done. I've been chipping away at it for some time now and it's finally getting there.

I've posted the (brief) opening to it over at, which doesn't give a taster so much as it sets the tone.

I know there are quite a few people here who've read the first two Dragonchoice stories. For anyone who hasn't and is wondering, they date back to the original Kitchen Table messageboards circa 2001 - when we were allowed to publish Pern fan fiction semi-publicly (on a subforum that you needed a password to view) for the first time. The intention was to explore scenarios and characters that were hinted at but not touched on in the books - the politics of an Interval Weyr, blue and green riders as significant players, Weyrleaders not in love, and so on. A slightly harder-edged take on Pern, you might say.

It became rather long, and quite a lot of people read it and liked it, and then some talented people (some of whom are still lurking around here!) illustrated it. It spawned an even longer sequel with even more illustrations. Then it stopped for a while, because life and work and so on got in the way, but I always planned to write a third Dragonchoice, to finish the stories of the characters from the first two. I've been kicking the central concepts of it back and forth for a few years. But only now, with about seventy thousand words on the page, am I confident enough that DC3 WILL be finished to actually start talking about it!

So that's the news: it's on its way. I've just started a Twitter stream, @dragonchoice, where I'll be Tweeting my progress and the odd sample chapter or so, and of course the first two stories are still at if anyone wants to read them or admire the pretty, pretty illustrations If nothing else I definitely recommend that, because some of the artwork is just exceptional. (And on that note, I'm VERY DEFINITELY looking for anyone of an artistic bent who could be persuaded to contribute an illustration!) this space!
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