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Default Re: My book five

Hey! Don't worry about stuff like that. Grammar police have their uses. I learnt about putting

"Very well," said Bob rather than "Very well." Said Bob

from Anareth as she explained what my Mum merely crossed out!

Oh and about !!!!!screamers!!!!!

If someone makes a comment here it's meant to be consructive or they'll get lynched (only joking)

People here are always trying to help, it's one of the best things about this site. They don't pull you to pieces, swea at you and leave you, they explain things. It might be irritating- I know I find it so, but it's worth it in the end!

No one's saying that your story is rubbish, they're just suggesting how to tighten it up!

Ignored? This might sound stupid (I'm not that observant atm) but where?

Look if you don't want to post any more of your story, don't! If you do, don't worry about criticism, if you worry that much I'd suggest switching your computer off and hiding your head under the duvet!
Now I'm being critical!
Criticism is blomming useful! It might hurt but it's a brilliant tool. Just don't e too critical-reach out and write your story, it might be totally rubbish- but I doubt it, there's a good idea in there, it just needs polishing!
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