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Default Fun and gratuitous uses of dragonflame, post-Thread

A post by P'ter in the Snowing thread in the Cafe gave me the idea for this thread. Let's think of all the unusual/silly/gratuitous uses of dragonflame we can, for use after the last Threadfall.

Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
Reading Cheryl's post about a clumpy fall I've just had a good idea for post fall dragon life ............. getting rid of snow before it lands.

Good clean fun and no thread score
Hmmm, fun, but hard to be truly effective and get it all.

On the other hand, dragons would be great at taking care of it on the ground where it'd otherwise have to be shovelled. And they could make beautiful flowy ice sculptures up in the High Reaches where melted snow would refreeze quickly. You could even have the rider make a compact snow sculpture first, then have his dragon very carefully melt just the surface so that it'd turn into an ice-coated sculpture. I could easily see a competition arise, which the best pair of sculpter/controlled-flamer would win.

And here's another silly idea for a gratuitous use of dragonflame post-Thread: a dragonrider who's a potter wouldn't need a kiln, just a handy supply of firestone. Actually, not a half bad idea for a dragonrider occupation. Certainly as good as sky-watching for meteoroids.
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