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Default Re: Writing original fic, killing of characters

Sorry Iím so late for this, but I had to answer to this! I donít like killing my characters, and I make different excuses why some character, thatís supposed to be years dead by now, is still living.
I do have one character in a book Iím writing (itís a series of book, really) thatís an exception. He was ok in the first book, but now, in the second one, heís become a major pain in the neck for the other main characters, and I canít wait to kill him! I first though of killing him in some battle, but than I decided that he did his part, and he, being bad or not (itís mostly my fault of what became of him, anyway), deserves a nice go. So, I suppose heíll die without any pain, surrounded by family members and suchÖ
As for the happy endings bit, I like them, but not every book can have them (but, my mostly do).
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