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Yeah, it is rather surprising, since her memory hadn't deteriorated yet by that point. Still, I suppose she felt a bit used by him (I certainly would have in her situation) and finally finding her true love in Lars must have contributed. Especially given the way they were separated by mistake, I totally understand that she didn't have any more time for Lanzecki. I didn't like the way Lars manipulated her at times, but at least on Optheria they had a relationship where she was the dominant party for part of the time (an alpha female isn't alpha unless she's on top - just an intolerable witch, I despise the "taming of the shrew" plots with Killa and Lars and to some point Lanzecki, The Rowan and Jeff not to mention Lessa and F'lar) unlike Lanzecki who only used her to avoid going to the ranges himself - or so it felt to me. I don't blame her for dumping him, but I do felt her histrionics before going to Optheria were for someone totally not worth it!
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