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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Hi I thought as I've found you all again I'd tell you something about me and my three feline carbon based life forms who keep me gainfully employed as their main tin opener! They are all named for Anne's caractures so there's Lunzie (mummy cat) jax and Farli ( daughter and son)
I'm Sassie on line (Guess were that came from, I admired strong women!)
and answer to Joe (short for Joanne, which is only used when I've been naughty!) I've been an Anne fan when a friend brought me Dragonsdawn and theres been no stopping me ever since, I've got all of the usual series and a couple of the early romances. I have to admit I've fallen behind with the Acorna series but am planning to spend my xmas dosh on the lastest four!
I love si-fi and fantasy novels and have far to many books but I am becoming increasingly housebound due to spinal injuries caused by horses, motorbikes and an assult by a client when I was a Social Worker...I know but somebody has to do it! These have an effect on my hands and arms both of which will become mere appendages at some point in the future, but then the Quacks said I'd be in a wheel chair in two years and that was over 10 years ago, so I tend not to belive them! So although my world has shrunk in real terms, it's also got alot bigger as I have all the time in the world to read and there is no limits set on your imagination!
I found that I enjoyed the books co-authored with Elizabeth Moon and have all her books, as well as the usual si-fi fantasy books and am deep in Middle Earth at the moment due to the films and the fact I had'nt read it for about 2 years and then there's also the yummy Viggo too
I will be in the chat room but as my typing is slow I tend to sit and laugh at all the jokes (even the ones I don't does'nt take alot to amuse me!)
I have explored some other sites but got really annoyed at some of the nit picking that seemed to be the way to provoke a response, so I'll be stayin on MOM
I'm always here if anyone wants a chat, if I'm not in Mordor, on Pern or any number of other worlds!
take care, Fly safe
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