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Re: Getting to know you...

Hi, I just joined here and found this thread so I thought I'd introduce myself.

Most of you can probably pick where the XeXo came from, but in RL my name is Jason. I live in a little seaside town in NSW, Australia with a population of maybe 500 on a good day.

I work as office manager in a dirty dusty rural supplies/hardware store which I've come to despise recently as the boss seems determined to drive the place into the ground before he sells it out from under us.

Hmm, what else to say, I'm 32, single, oh, and a McCaffrey fan since I was like 14 years old and found The White Dragon tucked in the SF corner of the school library. I've since collected most of the Pern books, Brain, Talent, Crystal Singer, and Dinosaur Planet books and have read most to the disintigration point.

I'm also a bit of a MUD nut I guess you could say
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