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Originally Posted by Dragon Fan View Post
Were it possible I would not have neighbors even that close, My house is just outside a small town in central Pennsylvania, I don't mind people, but they sure can be noisy. Back when I hunted, all I need do is walk out my back door for a half mile or so and there was plenty of deer and small game, now, too many houses have been built. Can't hunt most of the land now. Ah well, guess that's progress.
That far, huh. I have deer, turkeys and small animals come up to less than 100 feet from my house. We were on our way out just the other morning and 3 deer ran across the driveway. Guess that would have been about 50 yards from the house. a couple of weeks ago, we saw over a dozen turkeys right outside our gateas we were coming home. They all ran into our property.
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