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It makes a lot more sense to me that Kitti Ping would plan for the greens to just be sterile, limiting the numbers of smaller dragons, than that she would attempt to link firestone use to fertility. It doesn't impact the queens' fertility, she simply made it so they couldn't process the firestone in the first place.

Once that knowledge was lost, people simply made a false extrapolation - greens use firestone and are sterile, queens don't use firestone and are fertile, therefore the firestone must be the reason greens are sterile. No queen rider would risk sterilizing her queen, so they wouldn't rediscover that firestone simply doesn't work for queens.
And until F'lar was trying to repopulate the Weyrs in DF, there would be no reason to withhold firestone from a young green in order to let it clutch.

I certainly could see him trying it, if there had been more time before Lessa's ride - but then, would he have been able to convince that young rider just how critically important it was that he NOT let his beloved dragon learn to chew firestone with the rest of her clutchmates? (There's an interesting story idea...)
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