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Originally Posted by Hans View Post
He did quite some research on dragonrider demography and together we looked at clutches and losses of dragons/riders during Passes. I remember the death rate is staggering to arrive at results based on figures given in the books.

I'll see if I can dig that up, too.
That'd be cool, Hans!

Yeah, it'd have to be staggeringly high, no argument there. I don't know if Anne ever did the figures herself, but it doesn't surprise me that we don't see many elderly riders during Passes, like Anareth says. There's a reason why militaries around the world have age-based and seniority-based retirement programs - except where you need to maintain experience, skills and seniority in the older members, [relative] youth provides a more effective fighting force. You can't ground a dragon, but once they stop being combat-effective, they're going to start slipping.
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