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Default Re: Dragon size references

Originally Posted by Spaceman Spiff View Post
*resuscitates discussion*

Some of you on the KT may have already seen this, but here's a chart I made a while ago, (sorry for the small font size, if you click "download" to the left, you'll see it larger) incorporating as many quotes as I could find and trying to find a way to make as many as possible fit together.

I actually think there shouldn't be that much difference in size between the gold and bronzes and the other colors. I especially think the blues and greens are WAAAAY to small. Think about it this way. If there really was such a size difference between the bronzes and blues and greens, then there would have been no possibility of greens and blues being ridden for many, many years. You have greens as half the size of golds and about 40% smaller than bronzes. Now, translate that into the sizes of the original dragons. If Carenath is the same height as Cricket, who was 16 hands (or 64 inches), then a green, at 40% his size, would only be 9.6 hands (or 38.4 inches). That's only a little over 3 feet tall! That would be like an adult trying to ride a Shetland pony.

It makes more sense if the size difference between each color is the same as that between a gold and a bronze, or about 5%, so that greens are only 15-20% smaller than bronzes. Blues would be closer to the size you have browns. With that size ratio, the earliest greens would be about 13.6 hands (or 54.4 inches), the size of a pony, which would be very feasible for riding, considering that the first green riders were female.
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