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Default Re: DF comic book wanted - help please!

Originally Posted by jube View Post
Golden Talisath, I've found one (Dragonflight #3) that is reasonably priced at $6.50 and I've paid for it but for some reason you've chosen not to accept private messages so I have no idea of who or where to send it when I received it or to arrange payment and p/h. Yikes! You'll need to set your MoM file up to allow pm's so that you don't have to publish your snail addy on the web. Otherwise it'll be offered elsewhere and I don't like breaking my promises if I said I was going to help someone out with it. Please help me out so I can help you out. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Whoops, sorry Jube, I know I can’t receive messages from the forum (I had that trouble while registering). I can give you my e – mail address, if you’d like.
PS Did you find only the third book?
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