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Re: Gary-Stus/Mary-Sues. Could some help to understand this?

Originally Posted by Weyrlady View Post
Yup, yup, that's it. One of my goals with my crutches-user golder is to show that she can be a real dragonrider, and a Weyrwoman with a capital "W", and a Moreta-Lessa-Zulaya-type, and be sexy since so much of Weyr life seems to depend on it- plus that crosses a huge barrier, and have a disability at the same time. Tall order, I know!

Best of luck with your new 'puter, and hopefully we'll soon "hear" from you on it!
Thanks Weyrlady!
I've come up with a working title so far Hoofs and Woods, which when it 'pop' into my mind I was at it.
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