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Campfire Coffee Story, the Creation of the Truck Stop/Norwegian Coffee

When I was very young, I was camping with my whole family, the two set Grandparents and one of my uncles. Being so young, I had seen the adults make perked coffee, but never made it until this trip.
One of the adults had the kindling and wood ready to start from the embers from the night before in the cement fire pit, placing the heavy metal grate over it.
Setting out the campfire coffee pot and the can of coffee out. Then leaving it out on the table ready to put on the pot when the fire was ready for it. Then had to answer the call of nature up at the shelter outhouses, near by, the fire had taken hold, while the adult was gone. Then not knowing that I had followed the adult out of our tent, I decided to make them coffee. I had filled the pot with water from the water tap on the water jug. Put the basket that held the ground coffee inside the full pot, and not knowing how much to use fill the basket full to top with coffee grounds put the top on and placed on the grill. Letting it start to perk, I do not know how long it had perked, when the adults came to pour it out it was so thick and strong that one grandmother called it Norwegian coffee, my father and my one uncle on that trip were semi-truck drivers so they called Truck Stop coffee. Who had make it and I said I did. They took a quarter of it and mixed it with hot water to drink it, were still strong. We had to perk about five times to get out the entire flavor out of my pot of coffee.
Therefore, I did not know that use 1-2 teaspoon for each cup of coffee brewed.
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