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Default Re: Pernese versus Terran terms

in the U.S we have something called "Hot Pockets" which is a brand name for pretty much the concept that T Mynn is trying to get across and I always envisaged "meat rolls" as a Hot Pocket and "bubbly pies" as a turnover. But, as T Mynn points out, we have many Terran terms that are all synonyms for one concept and I think that "meat rolls" is the Pernese synonym for the "savory" half of the concept and "bubbly pies" is the synonym for the "sweet" half of the concept. I also think in both cases that the one word describes a large range of individual dishes that vary regionally, especially since it even mentions "fish rolls" in DS, sort of like "pasta" here on earth. How many pasta dishes do you think there are?
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