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Air shows can be tricky things to attend. Before 9/11 it was at least a little bit easier but these days, with all the security requirements, I'm amazed that they even have them at all. One of the best I ever attended was in Columbus, MS. It seemed like everybody that could fly was there. Thunderbirds, Blue Angles, the group from Canada and a whole list of other specialty fliers ranging from a Blackbird and a Warthog to a jet propelled fire truck. For an old fan of flying things, the static displays would have been enough. They even had a C5A and a MIG. It was on a base and there were security procedures but nothing like they have now. We took frozen water bottles and other goodies in a rolling backpack type thing and some lightweight folding chairs, none of which would be allowed any more. It's a shame the Lynchburg show had so many difficulties but, all things considered, it's not surprising.
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