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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

Anareth - really? I thought the whole 'time stamping' thing was a waste of time these days. Thought it had been proven NOT to be admissable in court? Though I'm not at all certain.

Domini, as for putting things up after they have been sold - I have just been reading my contract, prior to sending it back signed and sealed. It is specifically stated in the contract that I am selling to my publisher the right to publish this material, in all kinds of media. This includes online. I would be breaking my contract and could be sued if I posted online (this is considered a form of legal publishing these days, in some cases) work that I had already sold to my publisher. I would certainly have to pay back my advance, and could probably be prosecuted (though almost certainly wouldn't be, as they know I'm broke!) for doing so. So not just stupid, also illegal.

If my PUBLISHER wants to publish my work online for free, that's up to them. I gather that they usually ask, but I don't know.

As for Anareth's argument about not wanting to publish online something that she could well get paid for - are you familiar with the saying 'why buy a cow if you're getting the milk for free' ? Usually used in a different context, but the point is valid.
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