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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

If they're reviewing on amazon, I don't care what they have to say--just that they paid for it. Ultimately, I don't care if you love or hate it, just that you paid for your copy.

The idea of writing something and not getting paid for it is where writing for fun comes from--I'm not going to write something and stick it on line somewhere, destroying its financial value (the first-run rights) just because THAT'S what I wanted to write. If someone told me tomorrow that they'd pay me for a novel with my short-story characters, who bore me to tears at this point, I'd drop the book I'm writing now like a hot potato and crank out something with them. It wouldn't be that much FUN, but I'd do it.

I don't write for art's sake or because it's fun (though it's certainly not boring) but because I want to sell things. Under copyright law, giving it away for free reduces or elimiantes the value of the product. Once it has demonstrable value I may relax that (as some authors make some materials available as a freebie) but that's not about being nice and having fun, it's about increasing market share.

BTW, if you DO want to timestamp something, seal it up, send it to yourself certified mail, and never open it unless you have to in court. Because it requires a signature and is hand-stamped the dates are considered admissable.
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