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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

I used to be afraid of the whole "OMG, don't put your work online!!!!" thing, but I think it will eventually turn out as a false fear, much like the fear authors used to have about fanfiction. (IE, for the longest time AMC didn't allow fanfiction about her canon characters. She's relented, but many authors of the pre-net generations haven't. On the flip side, pretty much all the "new gen" SFF authors I've seen, the ones who have a livejournal or real web presence, have at least a don't-ask-don't-tell policy...they won't sic lawyers on you for ficcing in their universes, but they technically can't actually come and read your stuff because at that point they CAN get in legal trouble if something in their story seems to "rip off" a fanfic. That's not to say that they DON'T read it, but they can't open their mouths and say so to the fans if they do.)

Anyway, back to the putting-fic-online thing...I've not heard yet about a book good enough to publish that didn't get published or got rejected because it was slapped online somewhere; if you truly have talent, and not necessarily even talent as good as Scalzi's, I think *someone* will want it. Particularly if you write in a "hot" genre. I think the fear of sticking work online is FUD. (Fear, uncertainty, doubt...bullshit, basically.) I can see "it was 'published' online first as being a throw-away answer to an author that's just not up to par, an excuse, but if the work is truly good enough to be publishable I don't see a modern publisher having a real fear. Speaking, of course, that you stuck the work on your own website, or some random online forum like this one, or the like. Things would get more complicated if the site was dedicated to original fiction, particularly if it made a profit out of it in some way.

These days I mostly don't put original fic up because A) it's not done, and B) truthfully, nobody gives a crap about my original fic. Fanfic gives a quick ego-boost because it has a built in audience if you choose the right fandom--SOMEONE will comment, even if it's to say you suck. But put your original fiction online, and typically you'll just get the deafening sound of silence. Not worth my time.
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