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Default Hurricane stories

I thought we could start something related to Irene and maybe even some "old" hurricane stories, to wile the time away until she gets here. Gather round the campfire and we'll have a rousing chorus of "Good Night, Irene, Good Night, Irene, I'll see you in my dreams"!

I'll start. Back in 1954, when I was only 2 1/2, we had a hurricane that hit the Connecticut shore. I don't believe they even named them back then. Anyway, my mother's parents were living with us back then and my mom left me with them and took my 8 year old brother with her to the train station to collect my dad ahead of the storm. While they were gone the local National Guard showed up at the house and insisted we had to be evacuated. My grandfather swung his cane at them and refused to go, but we finally had to - leaving the kitchen table all set up with food. When my mom, dad and brother got home we were nowhere to be found. Turned out we'd been taken to the local armory with a large number of others. A short while later we ended up at our minister's house for overnight. My two old lady cousins in the house next door to ours hid and rode out the storm. Wish I had!
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