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Default Re: Exactly how many Theodore Edward Bears were made?

I can't find an exact number, Jax. I know the bears are rare but -- even though I have no proof to the contrary -- I don't believe the seller's statement that they think it possible that only five were made. I heard somewhere that they were sent to the bigger bookshops with the display for Ship Who Searched. The AMC collector's bible by Hargreaves doesn't furnish any info.

I don't own a Theodore E. Bear but my collection does contain the promotional poster for the book (on which the bear is depicted as he is drawn by Stephen Hickman).
The poster has resellers information on the back but infortunately does not mention anyhting about the bear. Amon what it does mention is:

Other giveaways were:
- Bound chap books with four-color covers
- 2000 promotional hats (I have never seen this item)
- Four color posters/sell sheet (that's the one I have)

Point of sale
- The mixed floor display with full-color riser; $ 5.00 retail allowance
- Solide and mixed prepacks with $ 5.00 retail allowance
- Four color poster

The prepack held 18 copies SWS + 9 Partnership
The only Thedore E. Bear I have seen "alive" is the one sitting in Anne's kitchen at Dragonhold

Maybe we can ask her, but don't be surprised if she doesn't know or has any idea...
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