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Default Re: Not sure if this has already been asked/answered somewhere, but...

Originally Posted by draconichybrid View Post
Again, Talent is mind-over-matter -- the user imagines what he or she wants to happen, and it does, simple as that.
I disagree with that statement. That statement is used for the Pern books, but not in the Talent books, and while Pern empathy/telepathy/telekinesis and Talent talent seem very similar, they are not set in the same universe. The Talent books state that the Talent is based in the genes, and that burnout is possible--both of which point out that it is not merely a "mind over matter" thing, but that Talent is...mmm, mechanical, something that has limits that are set forth in the genes. A lowly T-9 isn't going to bump themselves up to Prime just because they really really badly want the position, and the Rowan's worthless with her temper tantrums anyway . It's not just mysical hand-waving (or rather, it is, but because it's science fiction we give it the benefit of the doubt). How Talent DOES it is quite possibly/probably based in science we do not understand. But it is not merely "mind over matter". Primes can't just wish things to happen and have them happen unless those things very specifically fall into the ability of their Talent to handle.

There is some instinct in using Talent, much the way that when you're born with eyes, your instinct is to learn how to see, and that creatures with limbs have the instinct to learn how to walk. But would you say that because a man has a hand, he can learn how to pick up a mountain? Sure, because he is a man I'm sure he can THINK up a way to eventually move that mountain...but it's not going to literally be with his two bare hands if he manages it.
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