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Default Re: Bunny hop...and also, power without generators?

I realise this post is ancient, but I haven't been here in a while so I thought I'd chime in :P

A Prime at their peak efficiency and full health, could most definitely handle large ports and tosses with ease even without gestalt. But to do so over a long period of time would result in mental burn out. But you must also remember, they only use the generators on the PUSH, and then follow it out until the "hand-off". The power levels used on each push would be relative to the distance and mass being ported and also to the individuals own personal "sync" with the generators being used. (Some talents are more attuned to gestalt techniques than others)

"Bunny-hopping" would be problematic at best for long range space travel of any sort. There are far too many variables for an individual to make a blind hop of that sort without getting "lost" in space (DANGER WILL ROBBI...oops wrong universe). Long distance ports require at least a visual cue or projected mental image/data of the destination before the toss, so yes bunny-hopping around space would be a big no no :P

Planet-side however, it is quite feasible for a lower T-rating to do so using known landmarks and beacons. Which I'm sure would happen quite frequently on most talent laden planets, depending of course on the "talent etiquette" of any given planet or culture.
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