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Default Re: What is happening

Congratulations on the anniversary! Seven years for us next year.

About time the Citroen was given some proper attention. She's used pretty much daily and really hasn't needed anything of note beyond regular servicing since I got it at the end of 2016. Not bad for a 26 year old 135K mile car which the majority of people consider to be fragile and overcomplicated. A credit both to Citroen themselves and the care with which the previous owner looked after the car.

Over the last month or so I've started to notice an odd symptom through the steering of the car tending to want to wander under hard acceleration, tending to pull more to the right. From the driver's seat it feels very much like torque steer.

One thing I was aware of was that this had become noticeable right about the point that the front tyres really started to get to the "these need changing" state, so wanted to check whether swapping them around would have any impact on the behaviour. She will be getting four new tyres shortly anyway due to old age which is why I never bothered swapping them a while ago to balance the wear. The rears still have plenty of tread left, but they're shot...

Uniroyal RainExpert (3 I think is the current version) will replace these shortly.

While I had the wheels off I noticed something. A while ago our local council made the genius decision to resurface some of the roads around here, basically drowning the road in tar then throwing some gravel at it. Given the ambient temperatures at the time, the road needed to be closed until it had at least mostly set. As it was they'd just scattered some travel over it, shrugged and wandered signage or anything. The first any poor drivers knew of it was when they suddenly found themselves sliding through gravelly treacle. I wound up with tar and gravel stuck all over the car, including the roof. I need to try to shift this chunk at some point...

That's not just gravel... it's a solid lump of tar and gravel. Couple of new stainless steel clips on the fuel tank filler neck wouldn't go amiss either.

Up front there was nothing obviously amiss aside from spotting a small split in the nearside CV boot. Good opportunity to show off the bits which make the Activa special though.

The important bit is the smaller hydraulic ram connected between the anti-roll-bar and the bottom of the main suspension strut. It's by pushing or pulling on this ram and an identical one at the opposite corner connected to the rear suspension that the car is able to keep itself level during cornering.

Don't worry about the handbrake cable looking tight there. It is slightly on the tight side with the suspension set to the service high position (which you only use when checking the LHM level and when jacking the car up), but it's perfectly fine with the suspension at the normal running height.

While it would have been nice if the problem was entirely down to knackered tyres I knew it was a long shot. Sure enough there is absolutely zero difference apparent from the driver's seat. Having spoken to a few people who know these cars inside out it sounds like the most likely candidates for the symptoms I've got are are worn front control arm bushes. These are quite a faff to change on the Activa so the work will be farmed out to a specialist. There's probably a couple of other bushes etc which will want changing by this age and mileage so I'll probably be giving them an instruction to just sort anything they see that's amiss. May as well do it while everything is already in bits as that's where 85% of the labour charges will be incurred so it will actually save me money in the long run. MOT is up in December too, and having the car turn up with a bunch of new parts fitted always gives a good impression I think.
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