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Default Re: Deaf Pernese and Blind Pernese? And Color Blind People?

Great point re: fostering. That would be an excellent factor to consider. You do get deaf people who prefer to foster/adopt deaf children, but also hearing people who think they would do a better job of raising a deaf child than a deaf parent/foster parent would. But it would be great if a foster parent had several deaf children together for solidarity.

As for oldtimer/9th Pass dragonriders understanding each other ... I think I used a poor example, with Benden being the only Weyr in the 9th Pass and the degree of "infiltration," as you put it. What if it was a later 5th Pass and later 6th Pass interaction in which both Passes had 5+ Weyrs that were fairly autonomous. I seem to recall reading somewhere in the books that Weyrs didn't interact much with each other during a Pass. Hmmm ... food for thought.

Speaking of lingual shifts, I just had a moment today in which someone (a native New Yorker) played a prank on one of our hearing interns. The intern asked how to sign "Had a good weekend?" The NYer told her the sign for weekend was *rubs derriere several times*. So the intern goes off thinking that's the sign and we had to correct her, and I asked the NYer where the heck that obscenity came from, because it was not a sign I had ever seen despite living in several different geographic areas of the US. She told me it was New York slang based on phonetics: "weak end". Sigh ... Quite a very region-specific slang-sign. If someone came up to me asking "Had a good weekend?" with that slang, I would have thought they were asking me, "Had a good butt-rub?"

BTW, I love this conversation. And, when do we get a new chapter of Tarnished Queen??? I left a comment over there and have been checking every single day to see if you've posted a chapter
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