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Default Re: It's Snowing Again....

I live in Northeastern Oklahoma (think Tulsa) and we're FINALLY starting to get some warmer weather. Our soccer season started early this year...March 8...and my girls have been FREEZING all season! Now that we're finally warming up they're playing SO much better. My next-to-youngest daughter's team is undefeated, but my oldest daughter's team has only won 3 games. However they played AWESOME Saturday, since it was in the 70's (and I'm sunburned from the game haha).

However, I wish we could have gotten more snow this year. People drive like idiots in the bad weather around here, but every time we've ever gotten tons of snow I've been too pregnant to play in it! And my kids are all nearly 3 years apart! It's not fair. I don't like snow enough to move to Toronto, where my in-laws live, but I wish we got a bit more of it down here. LOL
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