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Originally Posted by granath View Post
My husband's doing all our shopping. He goes once a week. The only problem is to get the bread to last long enough, I suppose we'll need to buy more and put some in the freezer.
Originally Posted by vyon View Post
Bread freezes quite well. So does milk. I live on my own so I often freeze both. The main problem with freezing bread is the amount of space it takes up. Stale bread gets turned into breadcrumbs or biscotti. Although I must admit that I got lazy and fed the last lot of stale bread to my worm farm. Today I'd have stayed inside anyway even without the national lockdown because the weather was absolutely lousy. I spent far too much time on the internet and found recipes for easy flatbread and easy crock-pot bread.
We invested in a bread machine almost 2 years ago. I don't eat a lot of bread and my wife says she doesn't need it because it can help pack on the pounds, so it's a cheap alternative to store-bought. We like the King's Hawaiian bread, but it's about $4.50 or more per loaf, so she looked online and in the machine's instruction book, found a recipe we liked, and now the cost is down to about $0.50 or $0.60 a loaf.

Bread does freeze, but something to remember is that freezing anything dries it out, and freezing bread, especially our home made with no preservatives is about counter-productive. Look at even ice cubes. Left in the freezer for a long time, they will actually evaporate as the prolonged cold dries up the water. Refrigerating is almost as bad. But even throwing away part of a loaf almost every time, the machine's earned its cost back in savings.

The machine likes "bread flour" better than regular, so that drives the per-loaf cost up, 2 or 3 pennies a loaf. Around here, the grocery scare made flour and yeast disappear as people who had never bakes in their lives started hoarding. But we just smile and move along, taking what we can find when we can find it. My sardonic, sarcastic sense of humor has been serving us well at the moment. Associates at our closest Walmart actually appreciate seeing us instead of the regular idiots out there.

The bread machine can be used for making dough for a lot of things that go into the oven instead of baking right in the machine. You gotta look at the manual to get the whole scope of what one can do.
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