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Default Re: New Pern Books !

All our temporary libraries here are closed as well - the main Central Library closed a year ago because it is considered an earthquake risk. And, as a 70+ year old I am supposed to stay at home as much as possible. That isn't hard because almost everything that I normally go to during the week, including church, has stopped indefinitely. I had to watch this morning's church service this morning via facebook and chromecast. I did go out for my usual Sunday lunch with my son and daughter-in-law but instead of our usual Irish pub meal we had burgers on the park lawn in the sunshine at a place called the "Rogue and Vagabond." They rope out a part of the park then dot the place with huge beanbag cushions and little tables set into the top of rubber tyres. It's a popular music venue and a very pleasant place to eat on a sunny afternoon. Then we walked to the market for some veges - and were about to step onto the carpark before we realised what we were not seeing. Behold a totally empty carpark, except for two couples wandering around in it and looking lost. Supermarket vegetables it is, for this week, and a few more I'll be guessing.
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