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Default Re: What is happening

As of Wednesday, they announced a state of emergency. This is the first time it has happened since WW2. This means that emergency funding is available for businesses that are forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak.

No mandatory lockdowns yet, but they may be just around the corner.

Seniors, meaning people 70 and over, are requested to stay at home as much as possible. It's ok to buy groceries and medicines.

I've been working from home for nearly two weeks, and as of Wednesday, working from home is mandatory for everyone in the public sector whose job permits it (most office work). This ensures that offices are safer for those who do need to be there.

We're much better off than most countries, and I suspect that one reason is that Finns are fairly reticent by nature and most of us have a fairly large personal space requirement. Staying at least two meters from strangers is no hardship here! Of course, it's different when you need to ride on public transit, but when so many people can work from home, buses and trains are almost empty and safer for those who need them. The situation is very different in Southern Europe, like Italy or Spain, where people tend to stand much closer to each other.

We're lucky in that we have a four-bedroom house, so I'm working in our home office, my husband has set up his computer in our bedroom and our son is in remote school in his room. Only kids with special needs and first, second and third graders are allowed to go to school as long as they're not showing any symptoms and if their parents/guardians are working in protected jobs (healtcare and emergency services, but also jobs like garbage collection and cleaning). So far it's gone really well, he's been very diligent about doing his schoolwork, although he says he'd rather be in school. He misses his friends a bit.

I'm an introvert. I'm not shy anymore, but spending time with people is tiring. I can fake it pretty well when I go to the office, even if I mostly work on my own and only rarely need to collaborate. That said, I'm usually exhausted when I get home. So these restrictions aren't difficult for me to follow, but I do pity those who usually only go home to sleep and who are energized by spending time with others. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy visiting with my friends or going to dinner to a restaurant with them, but the next day I'm peopled out and prefer to spend as much time on my own as possible... This has only gotten worse the older I get. Without my family, I might just become a hermit...
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