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Default Re: meaning of the name 'The Heptite Guild'

I can't believe we didn't think of this before, but another obvious iteration of seven that relates to Ballybran crystal: 7 musical notes on the diatonic music scale, e.g. C–D–E–F–G–A–B. Given the musicality of crystal, this seems notable!

I've just finished a re-read, and there are definitely seven colors of crystal: white, yellow, green, blue, amethyst, and black.

There are also seven shapes that crystal is cut into: rectangular prism, tetrahedron or pyramid, pentagonal prism, octagonal prism, cone, cylinder, and dodecahedron.

My new pet theory is that the name Heptite was chosen because of all of these occurrences of seven as related to crystal, in addition to a speculated seven founding members.

[Likely names of those founders, as taken from Ballybran geography: Barry Milekey, Brerreton, Buland, Hoyland, Joslin, Ballinteer, Ghanghe, and Tortugal.]
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