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Originally Posted by mawra View Post
My story takes place on a defferent realm than Earth. In it a group needs to go on a journey in which the have to go through a area not friendly to the group. They pose as traders, but do not want to weigh themselves down a whole lot. I got some of what they take from one of Lackey's books. It makes since that they would take spices, dyes, beads and other small trade items.
High value items, yes. But if you want to make it plausible, make sure that the trade route itself makes sense. Can they pick those items up easily? Can they sell them on at a profit on the other side? To make it work, they genuinely need to BE traders, at least on a surface level. They also need to choose something that isn't TOO valuable to the bad guys. Otherwise they'll just get mugged and abandoned in the wilderness. Spices, dyes - they could be easily carried off and sold on.

How about stinking magic-skunk oil? Something small, unpleasant and perishable, that can be used as a pharmaceutical, but still requires expert processing before it's in a useful form that the bad guys would be tempted to nick. Or something like fine steel needles, or silk threads - things that the likely fairly militaristic bad guys would have little use for. Or custom-made decorative headdresses for the Festival of the Great Goddess Uguysaredumb. What, you've not heard of her? Don't celebrate it in these parts? Well, you're missing out, but we DO have a deadline to meet here...

The possibilities are endless. Be imaginative!

Otherwise, the not-so-friendly guys are going to see through their ruse quicker than you can say 'Kill the Imposters!'
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