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What would i find useful?

Oh my... and this should, really, really be under 10,000 words, shouldn't it? Discipline would be a wonder in the face of the dreaded Health and Human Services people and the often less-than-humane manner with which they meter out their service.

Also, i think it would be most helpful in the doctor's office. Ever freeze up and can't remember the one niggling little thing on a list of several that you must talk with the doc about? I do! Once they begin to ask their questions, poke, prod and literally needle, i tend to get sidetracked. Pain and torture is most definately not a good method for information extraction in my book. So a definate use there.

And yes, *head-desk* with a precocious 4 year old just absolutely needs Discipline! (not her, ME!) She's not called Tornado Girl for nuthin'.
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