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Default Re: Espresso Book Machine -- poised to revolutionize the paperback industry?

I bet I know who'd love one--Starbucks.

I bet I know who'd hate it--hardcover houses. You can bet there'd be bookstores for the publishers and authors who want to run those pricey hardbacks!

I can see this being less a threat to superchains like B&N and Borders, and used bookstores, than it is to things like Waterstones' airport outlets. Especially now that a lot of passengers in transit are stuck on the gate side of security, and non-passengers can't come through and browse, airport bookstores are likely losing some business and they didn't have a great selection to begin with. Especially if the quality of the binding isn't great (something a la 1960s paperbacks, perhaps) this would be the ideal solution for travelers who want throwaway books--cheap editions that they can read without fear of damage.
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